Why You Must Hire a Tax Attorney


Taxpayers in the United States are allowed to represent themselves in front of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). However, there is a general perception that dealing with the IRS is time-consuming, frustrating, and somehow intimidating. Hence, some taxpayers decide to hire a tax lawyer to negotiate with the agency on their behalf. Below is a look at why you must hire a tax attorney from https://deanhineslawyer.com/tax-attorney-columbus-ohio/.

A qualified and experienced lawyer who specializes in offering tax relief to people can assist in sorting tax issues at both federal and state levels. They can help a taxpayer negotiate through IRS payment plans, compromise settlements, hardship status, innocent spouse relief, and penalty abatement. They can also assist in the release of levies or liens as well as preparation and filing of un-filed years of taxes. Resolving tax problems can be a rather complicated process.

There are numerous benefits that come with hiring an experienced tax lawyer. Perhaps the most significant is the peace of mind and knowledge that a person is not engaging in unnecessary risks with their financial and personal freedom. Dealing with the IRS without a lawyer is quite an uphill task. A taxpayer is at a huge disadvantage if they don’t have legal training or are not well-versed with the legal system.

A person may have a pile of un-filed tax returns or cannot afford to pay back the accumulated taxes. Even if this is the case, a lawyer can help them settle the IRS debt by increasing their chances of resolving back taxes. The attorney can help them be eligible for some collective alternative. In addition, an experienced lawyer can not only assist a taxpayer get the desired tax relief. He or she can also help attain a permanent tax relief, ensuring that the individual does not experience tax issues in the future.

Failure to get professional tax help can turn out to be costly. To attain the desired tax relief, a taxpayer has to leverage the specialized knowledge that can only be provided by a tax lawyer. Often, hiring a competent lawyer results in lesser tax penalties and affordable IRS payments. When someone owes back taxes and requires assistance to get tax relief, what’s at stake is more than just some paperwork. Back taxes and other issues related to the IRS can cripple someone both financially and personally. Hiring a tax lawyer gives someone more than just tax relief. It also gives them some mental relief.

The IRS does not collect revenue on income only. The agency also levies tax on assets that people get through inheritances and estates. A tax lawyer can come in handy when a wealthy individual wishes to pre-pay taxes on a certain estate before it is given to heirs. The lawyer will ensure that the right amount of money is remitted and that the IRS will not be compelled to purse those who get the estate. Likewise, recipients of inheritances may have to make claims on their returns if the giver had already paid taxes on the property. A tax attorney can find out for sure if the IRS has collected tax for the property.