Top Tips for increasing your Ranking

The most common form of ranking you find on google occurs through organic search. Organic search results e.g. Manchester seo company are the results shown in your browser window when a search phrase is entered. The ideal place to be located when organic search results are shown would be on page one and preferably as far to the top of the page as possible. Organic results are a non paid form of ranking as determined through the various web browsing services, the most popular of which is Google. Improving your organic search ranking is done by means of search engine optimization or SEO for short.

Position matters, research has indicated that the top ranked search result on a search receives a 33% click though rate to their website from the search. Most users never go past the 5th listing on page one with page one of the search results achieving 95% of all views for a search. Through this it becomes clear as to why achieving a higher ranking in search results is important to increased sales and revenue.

Top tips for increasing your ranking through the use of SEO are the following:

1. Check your current search ranking. By using services such as SERPSCOM you will be able to enter you sites key phrases which will show your current raking in relation to competitors websites that may use some of the same keywords.

2. Define a keyword list. Define a list of keywords that you would use or that you think customers would use to search for your product. Do not only use exact matches in your keyword list as this will limit the number of times your website is is ranked by search engines, rather use a combination of exact, similar and long tail descriptions to describe your site so that it will occur more frequently in search results.

3. Content. Use your keywords frequently in the content of your web page, however, do not overuse the keywords and phrases as the search engine regards this as stuffing and may actually rank you page lower as a result. A rule of thumb is write for the client in a clear and concise way rather than writing to satisfy search engine ranking algorithms.

4. Links. Linking to other websites that may have relevant information on your product, such as a site that may have reviewed your product, or even a separate section of your own site will also improve your ranking.

5. Stay current. Updating your company blog on a regular basis indicates to the search engine that your site is still active and you are publishing content which may be relevant to customers or users searching for more information.

There are too many other factors to be taken into consideration as far as SEO is concerned to include in this article, but should be researched and followed up on. SEO is an art which needs to be mastered in order to improve your ranking and sales, but it is a skill which can pay great dividends if mastered and applied correctly.