The Wallich Residence in Singapore


Wallich Residence was developed by Guocoland limited providing luxury and prestige beyond measure. This is one of the most interesting places to be in the globe. Anyone visiting this place will always have a story to tell. Discussed below are the features and benefits of living at the Wallich Residence Condominium.

1. A wide spectrum of shopping centers.

There are a number of shopping centers that will make an individual’s shopping trips convenient and comfortable. It is an easy job to acquire vegetables, fruits, and other daily necessities thanks to the availability of shopping malls such as Tanjong Pagar Center and 100AM.There are numerous shopping possibilities in Wallich, and there is no single moment when the places are dull. The liveliness of place will always make you crave to be around.

2. The convenience of individuals traveling to work.

It should be noted that Wallich Residences is next to a number of offices. Grade A Offices are located below the residential area due to the fact that it is a mixed development Condominium. Those traveling to and fro work find it easy and comfortable. Equally, there are high-rise office buildings within walking distances example; international Plaza, Capital Tower, Springleaf tower and AXA Tower. This Residence is located directly above the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station, therefore making transportation more convenient.

3. Cultural Museums.

Those who are in love with the art will be the most interested lot to know how closely situated is the Wallich Residence to Museums. Living in Wallich residence will offer an individual great fun especially during the weekends because the Asian Civilization Museum is near the residence. There are equally a number of Museums that include National Gallery Singapore, the Singapore art museum among many more. On a day out with family and friends, one can appreciate various exhibitions and equally learn more about the culture of the people in Singapore.

4. Private Library.

There is a private library for the residents at Wallich Residence. It is a well-equipped library where a lot of research can be done by school going children and those in institutions of higher learning. If you wish to have a peaceful environment where you can read a novel, then this private library is the place to be.

5. Panoramic sky views from the sky observatory.

Across the globe, few people can boast about having a sky observatory at home, let alone one that gives them a full and unfettered view of Singapore’s amazing skyline and cityscape. This feature at Wallich Residences gives an individual an opportunity to enjoy moments of serendipity as they appreciate the beautiful scenery.

6. Reliable Concierge Services.

Wallich Residence’s Concierge Service is ready to assist the residents in any way. Laundry washing services, booking of facilities, carrying out grocery shopping among much more will be offered to you especially when you are busy. One doesn’t need to worry about not attending to critical because there is a solution in Wallich Residence, the Reliable Concierge Service.

7. Multiple relaxation joints.

There are numerous joints where people can relax especially after having a stressful day. Examples include Dipping pool, Infinity pool, and Jacuzzi where one can go swim as they relax. Equally the Sky garden acts as a place where one can go and enjoy what nature offers to humanity.

8. Fitness Pursuits.

Living in Wallich is beneficial because it will give you the chance to visit various fitness training centers. These centers have specialized equipment with well-trained personnel who will take you through different fitness options like Yoga and Cross fit.


The various benefits and features that are discussed above are enough to make you acquire a unit at Wallich Residence. This is the place to live with your family because it will offer comfort to the entire family. Hesitate not, Try Wallich Residence.