The Concept of “Food Delivery”

It might seem like a mindless chore to try and define the meaning of “Food Delivery”, or more specifically a food delivery service likeĀ Foodora since it is a very common concept. In its most basic form, a food delivery service is the physical delivery of food items from the establishment that prepared it to the person, or entity that ordered it. In its most basic and original form this service is usually carried out by the same establishment or company, either for free or with the addition of extra fees. However nowadays food delivery services became a much more complex concept, with many companies and outlets carrying out this simple task as their very own value proposition.

The Food Delivery Service’s Process

The first step in the process of carrying out a food delivery is actually receiving an order from a customer. The customer may place the order in a couple of different ways, most common are Online orders and telephone orders. The latter never grew out of fashion even after the undeniable integration of the internet into every facet of our daily lives.

The next step is preparing the ordered food, be it a single meal, or multiple food items or dishes in the case of restaurants or companies that offer food delivery. As for mediator companies, the Ubers of food delivery so to speak, they will be concerned with picking up the food from the designated restaurant or company and coordinating with the customer to navigate to their address.

Finally the last step is physically delivering the food items, or meals, to the customer’s location and collecting payment. The customer may wish to pay for the food delivery service as well as the food itself upfront via cash, or using credit or less commonly writing a check. More recently people became much more open to the idea of paying for their food and its delivery online, this option is almost normal with mediator companies that handle the food delivery.

The final step is one common enough to be mentioned, it’s how the customer chooses to end the service and acknowledge the efforts made to secure their food order. Some food delivery services offer the ability to rate” individual delivery-men, while others offer the ability to rate the restaurant, or even the customers themselves. Another way a food delivery service usually ends with is with a well earned tip from the customer.

Its Importance in our age

The existence of a service that entirely focuses on delivering food from kitchens or to doormats might seem like an exclusive luxury decades ago, but today it is a necessity we take for granted as something that every successful restaurant or food company should offer. The food delivery service is important not because of its convenience, but because it is a solution to many situations that makes it so necessary. A host that has a massive party would rather depend on a guaranteed food delivery service than driving to bring the feast to the party themselves, while wasting valuable time that could have been used to entertain the guests, While the elderly benefit the full advantages of a food delivery service.