Should You Buy A Condo At Sea Pines?

With its views of the coastline and proximity to various luxury amenities, Sea Pines in Hilton Head may present itself as the perfect place to own a condo as a secondary property to vacation away to or a home to spend your retirement. There are, however, some things you need to keep in mind when deciding whether or not you should buy a condo at Sea Pines.

A key factor contributing to the cost of owning a condo at Sea Pines is the high insurance rate that often accompanies property. Due to Hilton Head’s previous history of hurricanes, the home insurance premiums appear to have skyrocketed, making it one of the most costly places around the area of Southern California. Premiums are especially high for owners of condos and villas.

Additionally another insurance cost in the form of flood insurance is payable due the island nature of the location and the extensive history of flooding which often accompanies hurricanes and tropical storms.

A factor adding to the cost of owning a condo at Sea Pines is the annual Property-Owners Associations-Fee for Sea Pines real estate. The fee is payable to all residents of Sea Pines and covers the costs of the community pool, the tennis course as well as upkeep of landscaping and various other features.

The fee contributes towards the maintenance of the neighbourhood and ensures that all amenities are of the highest standard. However, it is not applicable in all areas of Hilton Head and it ultimately adds to the already high cost of living in the area.

Placing cost aside, the Hilton Head area has experienced a large number of hurricanes and tropical storms in its history. This poses a risk to people residing at Sea Pines and other areas as the risk for these events to repeat themselves in the future is high. The hurricanes and flooding caused by them have the potential to cause a great deal of damage to the properties. And while there is flooding insurance, it won’t undo the damage or inconvenience caused by the hit of a major storm.

The Sea Pines community is generally made up of condo owners who own the properties to use as a summer escape, as well as casual vacationers who travel South to be in the sun. For residents planning to reside at Sea Pines year round, you can except busy summers followed by quietness the rest of the year. For some this may be appealing as it suits their lifestyle, while others may find the summer to be too crowded with not much going on for the remainder of the year.

Another lifestyle factor that may deter people from becoming residents at Sea Pines is the inability to keep pets in their homes. While this may not affect majority of people, the inability to keep pets in the Sea Pines condos will force vacation residents with pets to find alternative care for the furry companions. Even worse, they could choose from the condos available in other areas of Hilton Head.

Purchasing a condo at Sea Pines presents itself as an ideal opportunity for many reasons including its location, security and the many features available to residents. However, it is important to be mindful of the various downfalls which may or may not be a deterrent depending on your ideal lifestyle when deciding if you should buy a condo in Sea Pines.