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Benefits of great SEO

Over a million benefits come as a result of having appropriate SEO. Search engine optimization is a long-term online marketing process but has an exceptionally advantageous outcome in a business. These positive results have seen a brisk swell in the number of enterprises, from every industry, which is now focusing a huge portion of their marketing resources to fighting for the top spot in search engines. Selecting search engine optimization for promoting one’s internet business, one must be acquainted with the definitive benefits of an SEO campaign. Benefits of SEO for business can be highlighted as follows, as proven at

Long-term Standings

One’s results will certainly last for a long time if a properly executed marketing approach is in place. And if the executed approach falls into right place it gives one the peace of mind that once one is up in the rankings. Then the website will be delivering customers day in and day out without having to carry on expenses advertising dollars.


One of the immense benefits of SEO for business is that it is cost effective and requires the least amount of capital for the maximum coverage of one’s website if one is working with the right professionals.

Increase Visibility

Once a website has been optimized, it will enhance the visibility of a website in search engines. Much more users will visit a website and it will provide worldwide identification of one’s products/services. This eventually leads to expansion due to more potential customers. SEO works on two scales local and national levels leading the local market or get in touch with customers from corner to corner of the nation. The benefits of SEO can spread out one’s products/services farther than ever expected.

Targeted Traffic

Search engine optimization operation can add to the number of users for a website for the targeted keyword(s) or phrase. To turn those visitors into prospective clients is one of the arts of search engine optimization. For all intents and purposes, more targeted traffic, in turn, gives more sales.

Measurable Results

It is a distinctive feature of SEO campaigns that one can put a figure on the outcome of SEO by positioning information about search engines, guest conversion and the other medium of this nature. As this is engaged more and more in a business, there is a high possibility of maximum profits and higher sales.

The points discussed above are just a small review of the most important benefits of having an SEO project. SEC has demonstrated to be very effective for businesses looking to boost their online visibility as an approach to raise sales. Many consumers are ignorant of the techniques and benefits that SEO can suggest, often having a presumption that if a company is ranked very high on Google, it is for the reason that they are credible, dependable and are suitable to that search term. By applying this SEO expertise into one’s website, and civilizing one’s rankings, it can be an immense way to give an idea about the consumer that the enterprise meets their necessities and will be a great way to progress one’s brand identification.

The Solar Tax Credit

Solar energy helps in reduction of pollution and electricity costs. The benefits of solar energy have encouraged the federal government to provide various incentives to American citizens. One of them is the Solar Tax Credit. If one is planning to install a new solar energy system, it is essential for him to understand the benefit of this tax credit.

Solar Tax Credit or Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit is a tax subsidy that allows homeowners and commercial establishments to deduct a certain percentage of the installation cost of a new solar energy system on their establishments.

There is no limit on the amount that can be claimed as the solar tax credit. It can be claimed only once. If it is not adjusted in the tax liability of one year, the remaining percent can be claimed next year or till it is exhausted.

It was originally established through Energy Policy Act, 2005 and was supposed to expire by 2007. However, lobbying by environment activists and energy industries extended it to 2016. It was further extended until 2022 in 2016.

As per the present provision of law, the tax credit can be claimed as soon as the construction is started or completed. However, it should be operational by December 31, 2023. All systems must be placed after January 1, 2006, and before December 31, 2021.

The tax credit can be claimed if the solar energy system is owned by the taxpayer, be sure to get a professional to help with calculating srec price. It is not meant for those who have taken the system on the lease or the rent. There are different rates of solar tax credit according to years in which the system is installed by the taxpayer-

1. 2016-2019- 30 percent tax credit for both homeowners and commercial establishments.2. 2020- 26 percent tax credit for both homeowners and commercial establishments.3. 2021- 22 percent tax credit for both homeowners and commercial establishments.4. 2022- 10 percent tax credit for commercial establishments only. Homeowners can’t claim the solar tax credit.

The credit is calculated on the total cost of installing the new solar energy system. It would include costs of tools, machinery, and labor. One can claim the tax credit while filing annual tax returns. It can be claimed through one page IRS Form 5695. It is advisable to provide receipts of expenditure incurred on the installation of the solar energy system.

To understand hows solar tax credit works, let us take the example of Mr. Andrew-

Andrew installed a solar energy system worth 4000$ in his home. He bought few tools and equipment worth 500$ to install it. The total cost of the installation would be 4500$. His tax liability is 4000$ in that year. He can claim the tax credit of 4000$ in that year. Next year, his tax liability is 5000$, and out of that, he can claim 500$ as the rollover solar tax credit from the previous year.

However, if Andrew’s tax liability was zero in both years; he can’t claim the refund. It will roll over to the third year. The tax credit must be exhausted until December 31, 2023.

Such move of the federal government is going to encourage Americans to support solar energy systems and other forms of renewable energy systems.

How to choose a commercial real estate agent

Purchasing a commercial real estate is not an easy process, there can be several bumps and holes that one must navigate on the road to commercial real estate ownership. The process of buying real estate can be long and involved; you should not go at it alone. Commercial real estate agents can make the process easier by taking most of the burden off of you. Knowing what to look for when hiring a commercial real estate agent is essential in getting you the property or home you’re looking for at a price you can’t pass up. Here are some things you should look for when hiring a real estate agent from

Referrals – Referrals are a great way to find information on a prospective real estate agent. Ask friends and family members who may have bought a home recently about their experiences and if they would recommend their agent. Find out how they enjoyed working with their real estate agent and if they would recommend you do business with them. This can be a valuable source of information that you might be able to get through standard routes. Most real estate agents will provide you with a list of recent closings. This information can be used to locate some of their former clients and find out if they were satisfied with their experience. Licensing – Make sure that any commercial real estate agent you choose to work with is licensed and certified. Real estate is tricky and has several ins and outs; you do not want to trust this vital process in the hands of someone who has not been properly trained.

Additional credentials and awards – Check to see if the commercial real estate agent is a member of any real estate associations, being a member of these associations typically requires a certain level of experience, training, and licensing. Also, check local publications to see if the real estate agent has won any awards, this is a great way to find out if a real estate agent is good at his job. Don’t disqualify someonejust because they have not won any awards, but these can be a good indicator of a capable and knowledgeable real estate agent

Experience – You want to make sure that the commercial real estate agent you hire has experience that he can bring to the table. While inexperienced real estate agents will sometimes tend to work harder to build a reputation, you don’t want to be a learning tool for an inexperienced agent. This is an enormous investment that can affect the rest of your life and should be left up to someone who doesn’t have the proper experience to get you through any situation that might come up.

Hiring a commercial real estate agent is an important decision and should not be decided on a whim. Buying real estate is a big step and a big investment in most people’s lives and should be handled as carefully as possible. By taking the time and doing the initial work to find a good real estate agent, you can then sleep a little more relaxed knowing that you’re in capable hands for the duration of the real estate buying process.

Form 3575, a Requirement to Change an Address

Americans change their addresses the most. Americans change addresses due to various reasons among them, change of residence and change of work workstation. According to surveys one in every seven Americans changes their address each year. This is a challenge for postal services to deliver mails to the required destination especially when the individuals did not file form a form to indicate they have changed their address with a service at this website,

It is vital for any American moving from one location to another to file form 3575. This can be done online or by filling a hardcopy form at a post office in person. Still, you can change your address through a phone call. What is a form 3575? This is a form that you fill at the post office to indicate the new address that your mail should be forwarded to. On the form, you will indicate your name, your business name or family.

The form is filled in block using either blue or black ink. You should also indicate whether you are moving temporarily or permanently. Form 3575 must be signed by the applicant and the signature must match, failure to which the form will be rejected. Needless to say, facts are vital in filling the change-of-address form, as wrong information may lead mail being delivered to wrong address.
It is more convenient for a customer to change address through the telephone or online rather than filling the hardcopy form. This is because; the system can electronically march the information given against customer’s credentials in the system effectively, thus reducing aspects of diversion of mail to unintended locations, eliminating chances of an unauthorized change of address orders.
The process of change of address should not be a hectic and complicated process. Postal services have systems to cushion customers against unauthorized change of address. The postal service issues a Move Validation Letter when you submit a request to change your address. This is important just in case you did not authorize the change. In case of unauthorized changes, inform the postal services immediately. This will be treated as fraud.

what is a form 3575? Is it still necessary? Today, the process of changing your addresses done online. During the process of change, you are billed $1.00. Filing a form indicating your intentions to change address with USPS is no longer needed. You will only need updating information formation with your contacts. This is enough to make you receive your mail. Moreover, if the move is temporary putting many details may not be necessary.

In addition, to address validation letter, the postal services send you a letter that indicates you have permanently changed your address. This is a confirmation letter. You will also receive a welcome kit. The welcome kit indicates the offers and coupons. These offers and coupons are part of your new address and therefore must be used within the new address.

Mail takes up to ten days to start being forwarded and they will be received up to 12 months. This is for the temporary change of address. However, for permanent change, the mail will continue coming to your new address.

What Are Merchant Services?

The importance of merchant service providers (MSPs) to business owners can never be overemphasized. For continuing survival and success, businesses must be able to accept payments one way or the other and this is what MSPs do with

Simply put, merchant services are an extensive range of financial services used by business ventures which may include Point of Sale (POS) platforms, gift cards, loyalty programs, digital financial transaction processing, automated clearing house, check guarantee services, and other kinds of payment services. In a nutshell, merchant services are payment processing systems which allow a business to receive payments via an encrypted and secure channel while using the client’s credit/debit card or any NFC/RFID-enabled gadget.

Major services rendered by a merchant service company include:
– Gathering necessary credit card and financial transaction information from a merchant.
– Receiving permission or denial for the particular transaction.
– Collecting funds from the payment card issuer.
– Sending funds to the appropriate merchant’s account minus interchange and required fees.

However, a merchant services provider does more than just receiving and making payment. In other to understand what they do better, we need to briefly go through a list of some important concepts as outlined below.

– Credit/Debit Cards
The best merchant payment systems use credit/debit cards and business owners are advised to take advantage of these popular payment channels. We don’t need to remind people that almost all financial transactions nowadays can be easily handled through payment cards.

-Point of Sale (POS) Terminals
These payment systems can not only handle payments but also use to manage a business financially.

-Digital Payment Services
Online payment services are modern payment systems increasingly becoming the standard for businesses and even government agencies all over the world. These simple payment platforms include simple integration options, digital gateways, electronic checks (eChecks), recurring billings, and shopping carts as seen on many merchant websites.

– Equipment Leasing
Some merchant service firms also provide affordable leasing services to help businesses accept payment cards quickly. Business owners can pay for the leased terminal on a monthly basis. You are free to manage your business effectively without bothering about large, upfront payments for a payment platform.

– Business Funding
These days, MSPs help businesses to receive loans, credit lines and cash advances to fund projects.

– Security
Apart from the financial services mentioned above, merchant service providers also help protect business ventures and customers from frauds. The major objective of these service providers is to secure your financial transactions through best practises which include:
. Fraud prevention.
. Data breach protection.
. Payment Card Industry (PCI)- compliance.

– Rewards programs and gift cards
Rewards programs and gift cards are sure ways to keep customers loyal, improve retail traffic, and increase profit margins. Many merchant service providers offer these value-added programs to help keep and grow your customers base.

The business is usually charged a certain percentage of the transaction called a “discount fee” each time a customer uses a payment card. The discount depends on the type of business, risk presented, payment platform (internet or retail), and whether a card is present or not.

In conclusion, with the terms explained above, business owners and customers must have been informed of what merchant services are and the importance of their providers in the business circle.

State of Houston Real Estate Market

The overall outlook for the commercial Houston’s Real Estate market is good. The economic indicators are positive showing future growth and healthy economic input. The housing market trends that show the movements of key price indicators show that the state of Houston has a 3% week-over-week increase in average listing price and a 3% drop I median rent monthly. The market is said to be growing fast because of job growth this is due to the increase in pricing gains in oil and gas sector.

Houston Real Estate Market by sell your house fast- Houston Re House Buyers
The year 2018, at least 5 Houston neighborhoods’ increased prices by an average of 10%. Thus the state’s property appreciation rates were at an average of 2-3%. The state of Houston has quality neighbors’ that have close and access to quality job centers. The state also has large lots of lands which is the primary value for the real estates. The location of Houston is favorable as it’s located in a less busy throughway close to a highway. Houston homes are comfortable to live in and can also be rented. This has made the land value in Houston neighborhoods’ to appreciate by more than 50%. Condos construction in Houston increased by 400%. The developers sold their specs on quality of buildout, parking space, and guest parking. The units were sold at developer’s price for the quality buildings made by qualified workers have quality aesthetic views.

Resilient market
The real estate economy in Houston faces the challenge of hurricanes such as 2017, Hurricane Harvey. The real estate market was resilient and it recorded the second-best year ever. In the past three years more new residential leases have come online for sell thus this has tripled the amount of supply making the prices to suffer. Caution must be taken before making a purchase for a home for rent because units built for rent are being will be out-marketed over the next few years. It’s best to focus on owning a quality land and property for a long term.

Tax reforms
The NAR lobbied strongly against the $10,000 property cap. This benefited the real estate market as it brought along more money, more wealth and repatriation. The Congregation Budget Office (CBO) showed that almost 80% of Americans received a tax cut thus had more money. Most of the beneficiaries invested in the housing market increasing demand. This was a major factor in building stability as more investor. The beneficiaries were tax-paying corporations as their taxes dropped from 35% to 21 %. This was a high material increase.
Repatriation; This is the process of returning assets back to your country. A good percentage of USA companies are found in Houston. The companies trade a lot of money in overseas trade with huge trade commodities and thus when they invest in the growth of the region, develops the market.

Effects of Houston real estate to the economy
The good state of the Houston economy has also lead strong economic growth that translates into the improvement of other sectors in the economy around the state such as job creation, healthcare, retail and industrial market.

How to Properly Fill up an SS-4 Form

An SS-4 is required for many people who are just starting to establish a business, a non-profit organization or a trust. This is the form is used when applying for EIN, employee identification number, which is assigned by the government to businesses and others for their tax filing and reporting.

EIN is used for your business only and should not be confused with SSN. It is very critical to provide the correct information in the forms when filling up the SS-4 as this will establish your business tax account.

You can apply EIN online, by telephone, by fax or by mail depending on how fast you want to get your EIN. However, you must use only one platform, as you only need one EIN per entity. To apply online, taxpayer and authorized party in the US can receive an EIN online via the www.irs/gov/businesses website. You can also receive EIN via telephone by calling their toll free number of the IRS or using a service such as

Here is a detailed instruction on how to completely fill up an SS-4 form. Just a reminder, this is only a guide and before you do it on your own make sure to consult a lawyer or a certified public accountant first.

Begin by downloading the SS-4 form from the IRS website. There is a detailed instruction to fill up the form but for the purpose of discussion, we will review it here.

Next is you have to fill in the information about your business name and address. You will find here a section asking for your Legal Name, which is the business name that will be linked to every transaction and records your business will make. Make sure that you are writing the correct name. Another name to remember is the trade name; this is the name in which you are operating your business.

For the responsible party, IRS is looking for the person in charge of your company’s legal matter. It will also ask you for the principal office, general partner, owner or trustor. Include the SSN, ITIN or EIN for this entity. If you are setting up an LLC, make sure to provide information in 8b and 8c and in 9a designate your Type of Entity (This portion needs the advice of your lawyer or CPA).

For Item 11 on the ‘Date Business Started” write a reasonable date when you opened doors and began offering your services. For Item 12, select the fiscal year by designating a closing month. In Item 13, select the number of employees for the next 12 months.

For Item 14, you must consider whether you will have less than $1000 in employment tax liability (like Medicare, Social Security etc.) if you will have no employees or you will be paying less than $4000 annually in wages then mark “no”. If you have, employees write the expected first payroll date.

For Item 16, you must enter the classification of your business from the choices, if you can relate your business to the list, write others and specify. In Item 17, write the specific products or services that will be supplied. In Item 18, you will be asked if you have previously applied for EIN, write No.

In addition, you may supply the name and address of a “third party designee” to receive EIN or represent you. If you do not have the sign the form noting that you have declared the application to be true, correct and complete.

Why live in the city of Houston

The city of Houston is experiencing a boom in the real estate market. That is good for the development of the city because it means that investors are spending money there. There is also a shining job market that you can take advantage of right away here.

Stronger Job Growth

The real estate market in Houston is benefiting a lot from the growth that thejob market is experiencing these days. We know that more jobs mean more money for the community, and that is what the real estate market needs to grow. In fact, this job growth is bigger than expected, which means that things are going well for the real estate market of this city. The real estate market of southeast Texas will be experiencing a real growth because of this situation. Last year, both occupancy and rental rates increased too, as can be seen from the growth of real estate buyers at

It is also accurate to say that investors are attracted to zones that the hurricane affected last year. This is a godsend for these communities because this will allow them to breathe a new air right away too. Home sales are strong here, and the same is true for family construction here today. Developers are working hard to get a lot of land in urban areas of Houston, and this is a good thing for the whole community too. The trend is upward when it comes to real estate values in Houston, which is great for everyone out there too. This is caused by the powerful job creation process of this community.

Office Market – The Weakest Sector

The office market has become the weaker sector of the real estate market in Houston. The reality is that many investors are making good money out of these properties in Houston, though the market for offices is truly weak in this part of America. We need to say that the real estate market in Houston is strong. This is particularly true for the housing market. We also have to state that the foreclosure rate in Houston is higher than in Texas, which is something to think about when you are going to invest in real estate in this state.

The delinquency rate in Texas is just 2.5%, which is awesome for the future of the real estate market in this state. Well, Houston has a delinquency rate of 4.6%, according to CoreLogic. This is an important information research agency. Hurricane Harvey‘s devastation was incredible last fall, and this is a lingering effect of this situation. People are looking for a great deal in Houston these days because the devastated areas of this city are great to make money. They want to find a gem in the real estate market, and they are working hard.

The real estate market in Houston is growing because a lot of investors are betting that the economy will continue to be strong here. Therefore, they are pouring money into Houston‘s real estate market today so that they can make good money in the future. They know that Houston has a strong job market, and money will come in if they know what they are doing too.

LED light bars?


LED light bars are a popular trend among motor vehicle owners today. These items of illumination provide extra light to help with seeing down a road at night. They make use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. This is a semi-conductor technology which projects light in an outward direction by making use of electroluminescence. LED lights are quite common. This is because they are utilized in home appliances, electronics and now, cars. Here is more about the technology and various uses for light bars on a car:

Why LED light bars are the best option

The LED light bars are better than incandescent bulbs. This is because they do not need heat to produce light and do not burn an incandescent filament so as to work properly. The LED bulbs are solid-state devices which do not need or produce heat. This increases their durability significantly. As such, they can deliver up to 50,000 hours of light while regular halogen bulbs can only deliver 5,000 hours.

Seeing as they do not need any heat at all, these bulbs are highly energy efficient. As such, LED light bars do not consume much electricity. As a matter of fact, 80% of the electricity that is delivered to an LED light bar is converted into light. This high rate of efficiency comes in handy when the unit is installed on a car. Application of LED light bars today

On cars

There are many Uses for light bars on a car. When they emerged, the LED light bars were popular with diesel truck owners. Over time, the LED light bars begun to be installed on SUVs and regular cars as well. They are used to provide the drivers with better visibility at night.

These bars provide drivers with two main beams of light. They are spot and flood beams. The spot beam illuminates the road ahead as far as possible in a narrow beam of light. On the other hand, the flood beam illuminates the road ahead in a wide beam. As such, the driver has a greater angle of view. However, the flood beam does not illuminate that far along the road. Thankfully, there are LED light bars which offer both types of beams at the same time.


Seeing as they are very bright and can give a wide field of view, LED light bars are often used as security lights. They can be placed strategically on a building and lit up to illuminate particularly dark areas around it. This makes it easier for surveillance cameras to capture the identity of any intruders.

Parking lot lighting

It is a confirmed fact that LED lights do not consume much electrical energy. Therefore, they can be used for the purpose of lighting up parking lots. LED light bars are often fixed upon lamp posts so as to illuminate the parking lots. They can be powered by grid or solar electricity. Both types of power can keep the LED light bars on and illuminate large areas for parking purposes.


LED light bars have been proven to be highly effective for illumination. They consume little power and produce bright, reliable light. Some of their uses are indicated above. They are versatile pieces of equipment and dramatically improve visibility.

Punchout Catalogs

Punchout catalog or more commonly spelled as punch out catalog is an IT concept that allows intercommunication between computer applications of a company and its supplier. It is an e-procurement solution where the buyer can access the supplier’s catalog without leaving his or her own interface.

What is a punchout catalog? To explain it in nonprofessional’s term, a customer will unknowingly be able to punch out of their procurement application, enters the supplier’s original site, gets open the catalog and add items to the shopping cart.

With this set-up, the buyer can order seamlessly and will not know they are using the suppliers’ site catalog. The whole process will not have the customer open another site and instead they can choose and add the items using their own e-procurement system

Technically, the punch out catalog is an online vendor catalog enhanced with an open catalog interface to maintain PunchOut Procurement that is connected PunchOut website. The application provides the direct connection between the e-procurement system of the buyer and the supplier’s store. It is also a convenient way for the customers to view supplier’s catalogs and order from their own e-procurement system. the punch out catalog

Every time a customer leaves a buyer’s website, the punch out will send a login request and immediately connects both the buyer’s and the supplier’s systems. The store will display the items, description, prices and the rest of the information required when making a purchase. Once the customer has made their buying decision, they will add this to their shopping cart. The information on the shopping cart is directed to the buyer’s system and will become a requisition. It will undergo the standard company procedures on procurement and financial approvals. The purchase order is sent to the buyer after its approval.

Punch out Procurement, punch out website & catalog

There are two terms that are mentioned in the description of punch out card, one is Punch Out procurement and the other is PunchOut Website. The punch out website is an e-commerce site that allows the buyer to buy from a supplier’s website using his or her own procurement application. The Punchout Procurement in on the other hand summarizes the communication that happened during the transaction. It can be a business-to-business transaction, a business-to-customer or a business to government.

There was also a mention of supplier catalog but this needs no further description. A catalog is a supplier’s listing of items for sale.


A Punch out website remove the need for the buyer to import a large amount of supplier’s catalog into their own procurement system that can save time and money. It allows the display of pricing, quantity of the items and availability in real-time. It also offers accuracy and speed of order processing, which is very important in gaining customer’s satisfaction and loyalty.

On the other hand, this system has its drawback, as it will not give the opportunity for the buyer to compare prices among several suppliers. The system cannot manage the entire flow of order like an acknowledgment of receipt, billing etc.