LED light bars?


LED light bars are a popular trend among motor vehicle owners today. These items of illumination provide extra light to help with seeing down a road at night. They make use of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. This is a semi-conductor technology which projects light in an outward direction by making use of electroluminescence. LED lights are quite common. This is because they are utilized in home appliances, electronics and now, cars. Here is more about the technology and various uses for light bars on a car: diodedynamics.com/off-road-auxiliary-led/light-bars.html.

Why LED light bars are the best option

The LED light bars are better than incandescent bulbs. This is because they do not need heat to produce light and do not burn an incandescent filament so as to work properly. The LED bulbs are solid-state devices which do not need or produce heat. This increases their durability significantly. As such, they can deliver up to 50,000 hours of light while regular halogen bulbs can only deliver 5,000 hours.

Seeing as they do not need any heat at all, these bulbs are highly energy efficient. As such, LED light bars do not consume much electricity. As a matter of fact, 80% of the electricity that is delivered to an LED light bar is converted into light. This high rate of efficiency comes in handy when the unit is installed on a car. Application of LED light bars today

On cars

There are many Uses for light bars on a car. When they emerged, the LED light bars were popular with diesel truck owners. Over time, the LED light bars begun to be installed on SUVs and regular cars as well. They are used to provide the drivers with better visibility at night.

These bars provide drivers with two main beams of light. They are spot and flood beams. The spot beam illuminates the road ahead as far as possible in a narrow beam of light. On the other hand, the flood beam illuminates the road ahead in a wide beam. As such, the driver has a greater angle of view. However, the flood beam does not illuminate that far along the road. Thankfully, there are LED light bars which offer both types of beams at the same time.


Seeing as they are very bright and can give a wide field of view, LED light bars are often used as security lights. They can be placed strategically on a building and lit up to illuminate particularly dark areas around it. This makes it easier for surveillance cameras to capture the identity of any intruders.

Parking lot lighting

It is a confirmed fact that LED lights do not consume much electrical energy. Therefore, they can be used for the purpose of lighting up parking lots. LED light bars are often fixed upon lamp posts so as to illuminate the parking lots. They can be powered by grid or solar electricity. Both types of power can keep the LED light bars on and illuminate large areas for parking purposes.


LED light bars have been proven to be highly effective for illumination. They consume little power and produce bright, reliable light. Some of their uses are indicated above. They are versatile pieces of equipment and dramatically improve visibility.