How to Spot Problems in Your Furnace


Is your furnace working properly? Do you want to know how to spot problems in your furnace before calling the technician? These are the questions that most homeowners have been seeking answers for a very long time. However, it is not easy to identify problems in your furnace, if you don’t know how it works in the first place. Understanding how your furnace operates will help you troubleshoot various problems that can cause your furnace to fail. It is important that you keep your furnace properly maintained until its lifespan expires. This article will offer useful information that will help in spotting problems in your furnace.

Signs to help you know that your furnace is not working properly

If you notice any of below discussed signs, then you should know that your furnace requires urgent repair or replacement.

-Strange odors

This is one of the definitive signs to tell you that your furnace is not operating properly. Your furnace should not produce any smell under normal circumstances. A faulty furnace will produce unpleasant smells like those of burning dirt when switched on. The smell is caused by a filter that might be clogged or conditioning ducts that are closed due to the accumulation of dirt. The closed ducts will produce odors that smell like smoke. In such circumstances, you should switch off your furnace and leave your home until the problem is finally fixed by Calgary furnace repair experts.

-Banging sounds

Furnaces are required to be quiet when in operation. But if you notice that your furnace is making hammering or banging noises, then know that it is not working as it should. This is a good indicator that your furnace needs an urgent repair.

– Sudden Shooting of your monthly electricity bill

Although you expect your bill to increase during winter, a sudden change in your bill signals that there is a problem. If you discover that your bill is increasing suddenly, then it is time to call a technician to diagnose your furnace.

-Cold Air

Under normal operating conditions, furnaces are required to blow hot air to your home. But if you find that your furnace is blowing cold air, then this is a signal to show that all is not well with your furnace.

This problem can be caused by the malfunctioning of the blower. You need to search for a qualified technician to fix your furnace problems.

-Pilot light

Most homeowners will not know how to spot problems that are associated with pilot light. A properly working pilot light is blue in color. But if you spot yellow color on your pilot light, it means that the combustion is not complete. If you identify such problems in your furnace, then you need to call your technician to fix the problem.


If you notice that a lot of dust is coming out when your furnace is switched on, then this is a good warning that it will soon break down.

This article will help most homeowners in spotting common problems in their furnaces before calling technicians for repair.Now spotting problems in your furnace can be easier if you follow the advice provided in this article.