How to Choose the Right AR15 Flashlight

Considered by many to be the best rifle on the market, the AR15 deservedly has the right to a high-quality, durable, and good-looking flashlight. There are many things to consider when buying an AR15 Flashlight- from affordability, to power, all the way to elegance, one must consider various factors in order to ensure that they select the right flashlight for their prized weapon. Given that flashlights are often an essential accessory to any AR15, you must take into account various factors before making a decision. Here is what you need to consider:


Flashlights can add a lot of weight to your already-heavy weapon. The average flashlight weights about four pounds, but you can get one that is lighter if that is what you are looking for. If you are aiming to use your weapon in mobile situations or for hunting, or if you think you need to be agile while using the weapon, it is a good idea to opt for a lighter ar15 flashlight. You must note, however, that a lighter flashlight will not pack as strong of a punch; its range may be less, and it may not be able to handle recoil.

Beam Configuration

Depending on whether you wish to use your weapon for close-quarters combat or for range shooting, you will have to decide which beam configuration you want to opt for. If you are expecting usage in close-quarters, opt for the flood beam- this beam compromises on range for greater light distribution, so it will help you see better in close-range but might not be as effective for long-range shooting. On the other hand, spot-beams emit narrow beams that travel long distances, but do not illuminate the area as much. Choose wisely!


There is also the obvious question of price; flashlights can cost you upward of $200 if you wish to buy premium models but can also be as cheap as $30 if you are only looking to make-do. More expensive versions will have stronger lights, better battery, and additional premium features and basic versions will just illuminate what is in front of you. Having said that, if you are a more frequent user, spending some more money might be worth it!

Battery Life

Emitting upward of 500 lumens takes a lot of battery, so if you are looking for a flashlight that stays by your side for long, opt for one with a longer battery life. Typically, flashlights should last you about 2 hours on full beam and usage, but you can get longer battery life in more premium models. Battery life will also depend on how powerful your flashlight is; flashlights for indoor usage will generally have better battery lives because of their low lumen count.


If you are looking for something beyond just a regular flashlight, you may want to look at flashlights with more advanced switches and lasers. For rapid combat, it is suggested that you look for an easy-to-use and fail-safe switch to ensure full functionality. Similarly, some users prefer to have laser beams to complement their flashlight; while both of the above make for a great flashlight, they will definitely cost more.

While there are many factors to consider when buying a flashlight for your weapon, the decision rests largely on what your requirements and preferences are. Take a look at the different versions on the market and make an informed decision. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you opt for a more basic version but if you are an experienced pro, it may be a good decision to splash out some more cash!