8 St Thomas Freehold Condo near Clarke Quay and Mohamed Sultan Road

8 St Thomas is one of the freeholds developments that is located in district 9 of St Thomas. The majority, the city, is located in the center of Orchard and also a short away from the great world city MRT station. There are
many people who do prefer 8 Saint Thomas condo but why 8 Saint Thomas Condo has a great location(Schools and Amenities). In this article let us look at some of the topper real estates in 8 Saint Thomas as the great place for various reasons.

This is a modern area with advanced technology, and there are many companies that have built beautiful architecture. Most people do prefer to go for houses that are always beautiful apartment and houses. Apartments that are designed well always attract many people and 8 Saint Thomas is one of the cities that make it an ideal location for both let and schooling. The estate can be seen once you alive in the 8 St Thomas condo due to its unique design that is attractive. This is one of the top estates that is found in Singapore it is also the best condos in freehold Tenure.

8 St Thomas Walk Orchard Road Freehold Condo

Those who engineered the 8saint Thomas Mohamed road project are the Bukit Sembawang estates limited. This is one of the well-known companies for mega projects around the country of Singapore. They are also known to be the finders of many real estates and houses in the country. Most people also do prefer places that are easily accessible, and therefore this is the primary reason to why the city is ideal for all amenities. Due to its closeness to the main load 8 St Thomas is great for schooling and other social amenities.

8 St Thomas Walk Clarke Quay and Mohamed Sultan Road

Some of the great things are at this place. One of the things is that it is made up of 36 stories that surround one block plus another 35 stories that talk about the second block. In addition to that there are various
shopping centers here, and therefore there is no need for one to go for a long distance for shopping reasons. The two are however situated away from development. In general, 8 St Thomas is ideal due to the following reasons,

A. It has one of the greatest world shopping centers within the area. These shops are located in the first block of the building. There are other two facilities that are available on the block.

B. It is located near Orchard road. This makes the estates to be accessed easily from various parts of Singapore.

All these are some of the reasons that make 8 St Thomas condo ideal for both schools and amenities. There are other reasons that make this city ideal if you want to know more about the condo. House to let in the estate is not a problem; just visit various websites to know some of them. It is also located in the place where security is provided. There are also a number of food shops available here.