Cycling has been accepted globally as one of the most efficient activities for keeping fit. Different people have different reasons for going on two wheels, from athletes keeping their bodies in check, travelers getting from one place to the other, or cycling with friends for the fun of it. Night cycling poses a number of potentially dangerous hazards, a reason bicyclers should ensure a clear view of their path.

Below are a number of reasons why you should never cycle at night without lights that was found on

1. Illuminate unfamiliar paths

When taking a ride along new neighborhoods at night, there are a huge number of unknown eventualities that can occur. Such possibilities include sudden bends and turns, which can lead to dangerous and potentially fatal crashes. Lights enable you to see at least seven yards, depending on the strength of the light. This will give you enough time to brake and take the turn.

2. Reading road signs

In driving and cycling classes, one of the most important aspects of road safety is road signs. Signs such as No Entry’ and ‘Pedestrian crossing’ usually placed in high-risk areas, where a cyclist can get into a dangerous crash if they don’t notice them in good time. Signs in badly lit streets can only be visible if the cyclist has travel lights.

3. Spotting bumps

Bumps are installed on roads to slow down motorists in dense areas such as town centers, or areas with a lot of human traffic. As a Cyclist, you should be careful with bumps, since hitting the bump can lead to loss of balance and an accident. Lights help illuminate the road, allowing good time to spot the bump and reduce on the peddling.

4. Avoiding potholes and sudden manholes

Bicycle balance is fragile, as compared to that of four-wheeled vehicles. A small pothole is enough to cause a dangerous accident, especially on busy roads. Manholes are dangerous hazards too because cyclists can fail to know about them even on familiar roads.

5. To avoid police fines

In most nations, it is a law that all cyclists should have lights installed on their bikes for night travel. Lack of the lights is considered putting the lives of pedestrian and fellow motorist at risk, an action punishable in most states. The punishment can be in the form of fines, imprisonment or impounding of the bike, depending on the law. This can be greatly inconveniencing, especially in areas which depend highly on bike travel.

6. Avoiding muggers

Most dangerous streets are badly lit since they give criminals such as muggers a hiding cover. Ensure your bike has excellent lights, which will illuminate streets, scaring away any potential thugs. The light also helps you spot potential muggers from a distance, giving you ample time to make a U-turn and make a run for it.

7. To avoid being hit by cars

Ensure to have lights on both the front and back of the bike. Lights on the front ensure oncoming traffic such as overtaking vehicles to spot you, while hind-lights helps avoid being hit by vehicles from behind.

An efficient bike light should have strong batteries for long night rides. They should also be bright enough to illuminate an efficient distance and have various modes as Bright and dim.